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HopeLine is a family of confidential services offering caring, non-judgmental listening, and resource information in an effort to improve the overall well-being of people in the community.

HopeLine crisis line is completely confidential and open right now.
Call us at 919-231-4525 or 1-877-235-4525.

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2014 Skate for Life

2014 Skate for Life


HopeLine annual fundraiser Skate for Life is quickly approaching. We are so excited about the fourth annual Skate for Life event and skateboarding competition.

Skate for Life focuses on celebrating teens and their families while educating them and giving resources they can turn to in times of trouble. On May 17, at Marsh Creek Skate Park we will be hosting a Skateboarding competition and family friendly day for the entire community to enjoy. As always our fourth annual event will be held in honor of local teens and young adults who have lost their lives to suicide.

Skate for Life is a special event as it was started by two of our board members, and mothers, who both lost their sons to suicide. Skate for Life began as a grassroots memorial event organized by friends of the Dylan McNeill family. Dylan, a skateboarder, took his own life in February 2011. Tragically, his best friend and fellow skater, Cody Arrington, took his life seven months later. These losses sent shock waves through the community and was a harsh reminder that suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens and young adults. Thanks to the success of Skate for Life, HopeLine has been able to launch our new Teen Talk Line in January 2014 with a website and instant messaging service to reach this younger audience. All proceeds from the event and raffle go to supporting HopeLine’s crisis call center and programs.

If interested we are looking for volunteers for the day, and interested nonprofits are invited to set up an information booth free of charge! Sponsorship opportunities are still available as well. Please pass along to anyone who may be interested and help us spread the word. More information can be found on our Skate for Life page. Or contact our business office at 919-832-3326.

I hope you all will join us for the day!!



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HopeLine in the News!

Margaux Austin (2)

January 20, 2014:  WRAL aired an interview with HopeLine’s Executive Director, Margaux Austin, about the newly launched Teen TalkLine. HopeLine is thrilled they have promoted our new service that targets teenagers struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. You can view the video HERE or by clicking the image above. This new instant messaging program allows individuals to reach out to us in a medium they are most comfortable.

Currently the U.S. has the highest rate of suicide in 15 years. Not only is suicide the 10th leading cause of death for all ages but is the third leading cause of death for ages 15 to 24. Among these young adults there is approximately 100-200 attempts for every completed suicide. HopeLine is proud to launch our new program to combat this preventable death. You can view our new service at www.teentalklinenc.org. We have volunteers available to chat from 4pm -11pm everyday.

Remember you can always reach HopeLine though our crisis line at 919-231-4525 or Toll Free 1-877-235-4525


Did you know, you don’t have to call…..

Did you know HopeLine recently re-launched our Teen TalkLine. Originally, HopeLine’s Teen Talk Line began in 1993 and was a separate line dedicated to teen issues. Teen volunteers answered the phone 4 to 8 p.m. weekdays and teacher workdays. The program then grew and was incorporated into HopeLine’s crisis lines to be manned by our trained crisis line volunteers. Throughout the year we have seen a huge increase in teen suicide and research shows that nearly 20% of teens have seriously considered suicide and 14% of teens made an actual plan.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- 24 year-old’s and is an epidemic that has continued to increase. HopeLine  aims to combat this preventable death by adding a new website that allows a “Chat Line” or instant messaging service as a new medium for teens to reach out to our crisis counselors. Our new Teen TalkLine now focuses on supporting this younger community through an instant messaging service on our website along with local resources teens can turn to for advice and medical attention. HopeLine has combined this new service with our free and confidential crisis line for teenagers to reach out to at any time when they need extra support or a listening ear.


If you or someone you know is considering suicide please call our crisis line 919-231-4525 or reach out to us on our Teen TalkLine www.teentalklinenc.org


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