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HopeLine is accredited by the American Association of Suicidology.  We focus on providing the community with a free and confidential crisis and suicide prevention helpline and texting services. HopeLine specializes in providing suicide and crisis intervention, supportive and non-judgmental active listening, gentle and understanding discussion of crisis resolution, and referrals to appropriate community resources.


HopeLine defines a crisis as any disruption in someone's life that would lead them to reach out to us; there is nothing too big or small for us to support you. HopeLine's services are not intended to replace long-term counseling or individual therapy. HopeLine volunteers and staff are not licensed counselors but trained listeners. 

Please note that by texting our helpline at 877-235-4525 you consent to communications between yourself and a HopeLine advocate.  

The Crisis Line is available 24/7.

The Text Line -877-235-4525  is open Monday-Friday 3pm - 9pm


Crisis Line: Call  | 919-231-4525 or 877-235-4525

Text: 877-235-4525

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