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Frequently asked questions

What happens when you call a crisis line?

If you’ve never called a crisis line before, the idea of doing so can be kind of intimidating. Here at HopeLine, we recognize that it takes an incredible amount of courage to admit when things aren’t so great and to be willing to pick up the phone and ask for help. A large barrier to people calling or texting a crisis line can be the unknown. What happens when you call? Is it okay to still talk if you’re not suicidal? If you say you’re suicidal, will the cops immediately be called to your location? Are you going to be asked for a lot of personal information?

All of these are important questions, and completely valid. It’s vulnerable to call someone and admit that you’re not doing well. In order to help with these fears, we’ve put together a short step by step explanation of what happens when you call HopeLine.

Calling a crisis line was never meant to be scary. When you call us, you’ll get someone who is trained and ready to listen, and who is ready to be there for you. We’re ready when you are.

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