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HopeLine (“HL”) maintains a policy of confidentiality regarding client information, business information, and any other propriety or sensitive information as reflected in the adopted Code of Ethics.  All information concerning current and former callers, texters,  program participants (clients),  and business information, including financial and operation records of HL is confidential.  “Confidential” means that you are free to talk about HL and our general work, but you are not permitted to disclose any information regarding any client, caller, texter or program participant, or any other confidential business information.  This policy of confidentiality affirms the understanding that information provided by the client to HL is given in the belief that the information shall be kept confidential by HL.

HL also maintains a confidentiality policy regarding HL staff, board members, and volunteers. HL Confidential Information is kept confidential to ensure the safety of HL staff and volunteers and to protect HL’s proprietary information.

It is the policy of HL that Client Information and HL Confidential Information must be kept confidential both during and after staff employment or volunteer service.

Client Information

 Release or disclosure of any Client Information shall be prohibited except under the following conditions: 

- When the client has expressly provided consent to release the information to a specific party or agency for a specific purpose.    

- If child abuse or neglect is disclosed (as directed by law).

- When it has been determined that there is imminent danger to the health or safety of the client and/or another individual; and/or 

- When in response to any valid court order that explicitly directs the release of client information.  All requests for information should be directed to the Executive Director or designated person before release.

 Following this policy, HL procedures ensure that: 

- Discussion of calls and texts internally is undertaken only for professional purposes. 

- Call and text reports are handled in accordance with internal office practices and are sorted in a manner that restricts access and contributes to confidentiality. 

- Staff and volunteers are advised of the confidential nature of their work and agree not to discuss cases except for professional purposes. 

- Call and text examples are used publicly only to describe the general nature of the calls received and are disguised to protect the identity of actual clients; and 

- Care shall be taken to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not overhear any discussion of confidential information or read any personal text messages and that documents and electronic devices containing confidential information are not left in the open or inadvertently shared.

HL Confidential Information 

To protect the safety of HL staff and volunteers, HL maintains the following policies regarding HL Confidential Information:

- Staff, board members, and volunteers shall not disclose the location of the HL call center and/or the location from which the staff member or volunteer is taking the call or responding to texts if working or volunteering in a place other than the HL call center; and

- Staff, board members,  and volunteers shall not disclose personal or identifying information about themselves, other volunteers, or staff to clients under any circumstances. 

HL’s financial data and business documents are proprietary information and, therefore, are confidential.  Disclosure of HL’s internal processes, finances, and other sensitive business information is prohibited without specific prior written authorization from the HL Executive Director or Board of Directors.

Return of Confidential Information 

At the end of the staff member’s employment or volunteer service, they shall return all documents, papers, equipment and other materials, regardless of medium, which may contain or be derived from confidential information in their possession.

Assurance of Confidentiality

I have read HL’s policy on confidentiality presented above. I am aware that the regulations are to ensure the privileged and confidential nature of client information and hereby agree to protect and preserve the confidential nature of all client information to which I may have access.  I agree to inform HL’s Executive Director if I believe any violation (unintentional or otherwise) of the policy has occurred. I understand that violating this policy could lead to legal action against me.  

My Information
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