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Turn V-Day Into Me-Day!


Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is a day we use to celebrate love and express that with our loved ones. You see everyone getting their loved ones flowers, chocolates, cards, candies, and other things to show their gratitude and affection. This is also a day where those that do not have someone to celebrate are often upset or try think of it as just another day. Instead of sticking with how things have always been done, why don’t we use this day as a chance to show ourselves some love? Instead of wishing you had someone to spend the day with, use it to pamper yourself and remind yourself how loved you are by YOU! Use this day as a mental health day. Take the time to take a break if you need one. Sleep a little longer, relax a little more. Don’t spend the day upset you have no one to spend it with, spend it with yourself – your relationship with you is the longest and the strongest you will ever have! There is no shame in taking a day to show yourself some love and appreciation. After all, you work hard every other day. You deserve one day to say “hey, I’m going to focus on me today.” A lot of us fail to give ourselves credit a lot of the time. De-stress for a day, see how great you will feel after!

Some are dreading the oncoming roar of love in the air while others cannot wait for it. Many people think that Valentine’s Day is useless if you do not have that special someone to celebrate it with. But why? Instead of dreading the day, flip it around and use it to celebrate the love you have for yourself! How can I do this, you ask?


Here’s 12 ways to turn V-Day into Me-Day:

  • Pamper yourself

  • Buy yourself some chocolate (especially with half off sales on the 15th!)

  • Get your hair colored that color you’ve been dying to try

  • Does playing video games help decrease your stress? Play them all day, who cares!

  • Get a mani/pedi from your favorite salon

  • Go for a run with your dog

  • Buy yourself your favorite meal for dinner tonight

  • Take the day to go hiking and help relieve some built up stress and anxiety

  • Rent a movie and have a night in bed all cozied up with your pet

  • Enjoying nature is a great way to relax

  • Try out a new bath bomb, relax in the tub with some calming music in the background

  • Get a group of friends together


Take the time to love and appreciate yourself, friends, or family today! If you are struggling with loneliness, depression, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts today, remember to reach out. HopeLine is here for you and cares about you! You can reach us by calling or texting 919-231-4525 or 877-235-4525.


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