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Happy National Nonprofit Day!

In celebration of National Nonprofit Day, here are five fast facts about nonprofit organizations in the United States:

1. There are 1.5 MILLION tax-exempts organizations in the US.

2. Nonprofits account for 9.2% of all wages and salaries.

3. Nonprofit Share of GDP was 5.3%.

4. 25% of Americans volunteer for nonprofit organizations.

5. Individual charitable contributions total about $258 billion annually.

WOW! Who knew there were so many wonderful nonprofits out there doing so many great things! HopeLine is proud to be apart of those numbers and the positive impact on the lives of people all over the world!

While these numbers are very encouraging, our work is not anywhere near finished. If you are interested in supporting a small, grassroots non-profit, I would suggest HopeLine (of course we are a little biased)!

HopeLine works tirelessly to support people and save lives during times of crisis through caring, confidential conversations, and we need your help to do it! There are many ways to get involved in crisis intervention and suicide prevention:

1. Become a HopeLine Volunteer! There are four training sessions a year that are 5 weeks in length. Crisis counselors specialize in responding to callers experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health, grief, challenging relationships, sexual issues, substance abuse, and much more. The active listening skills learned in HopeLine training are valuable in all interactions with individuals, both personally and professionally. If you are interested, please contact HopeLine's Volunteer Coordinator at

"Volunteering at HopeLine is a great way to help people that are struggling, people that are at the end of their rope and are feeling hopeless. In return, it is a very gratifying and rewarding experience."

- D (Current HopeLine Volunteer)

2. Become a HopeLine Board of Directors Member! Our HopeLine Board of Directors members meet once a month to discuss all of the inner workings of the organization, plan awareness and fundraising events, update and implement policies, and support HopeLine volunteers and staff. For more information, please contact HopeLine's Executive Director at

3. Become a HopeLine Fundraiser! HopeLine now has the ability for you to tell your story and raise money on behalf of our organization. Join us in the fight to decrease the stigma on mental health, stop suicide, and be a beacon of hope to those in our communities. Donate your birthday, your wedding, a race/ activity you may be doing, or set up your own page in honor of someone. Get creative and raise funds to support crisis intervention and suicide prevention! Visit: to become a fundraiser today!

HopeLine offers crisis intervention, caring, non-judgmental active listening, crisis resolution, and referrals to appropriate community resources. HopeLine will never turn a caller or texter away.

Statistics listed above are cited from NCCS:

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