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Self Care and Wellness

Here at HopeLine, we are huge advocates for self care! Self care is important for keeping your mind and body at it's absolute best. This week we wanted to give you a few tips on how to start focusing on wellness in your own life. has a list of 45 self care practices for you to try out, and we chose ten of our favorites!

1) Start a compliments file- Write down the nice things people say about you, and go back and read through them from time to time

2) Do a mini-declutter

3) Edit your social media feeds, and take out any negative people

4) Oxygenate by taking three deep breaths

5) Get fifteen minutes of sun

6) Have a good laugh

7) Take a quick nap

8) Stroke a pet

9) Write out your thoughts

10) Help someone

To see the rest of Tiny Buddha's self care tips, go to

And for even more fun tips, check out HopeLine's brand new Pinterest:

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