Sympathy vs. Empathy

In our every day lives, we are constantly faced with challenges and difficulties, not only our own, but of those around us. At any given time, yourself or someone you know, may be facing something that is just down right hard. It may be depression, grief, addiction, relationship issues, anxiety, problems at work or school... the list is endless. During this time, you or someone you know may (hopefully) be leaning on others for support. When someone has the courage to open up to you, or you have the strength to open up to someone else, and ask for help, advice, a shoulder to cry on... there are a few common responses. "It will be ok" "Calm down" "At least you have a job" "Everything will be a

Learning from Linkin Park

For many, the music of Linkin Park has been an important coping mechanism during challenging times in their lives. People are able to connect with the themes in the music that gives a voice to the way they are feeling inside, but may find difficult to communicate. Lead singer, Chester Bennington, was no stranger to challenging times. He has been open about his personal struggles with mental health and addiction. Bennington also suffered a traumatic childhood involving physical and sexual abuse stating, "My God, no wonder I became a drug addict. No wonder I just went completely insane for a little while." * Thursday morning, Bennington was found deceased in his LA home by apparent suicide. Th

LGBTQIA Pride Month

June is a very important month for us here at HopeLine. Why? It's LGBTQIA Pride Month! Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual Pride Month started in 1994. It originated as a month honoring the Stonewall Riots. In 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in New York. This raid started a chain reaction of riots from the gay community, who felt they were being targeted. This event is considered to be "history’s first major protest on behalf of equal rights for homosexuals", and the riots helped make a tremendous amount of progress for the LGBTQIA community. HopeLine is a strong ally for this community. It's proven that the LQBTQIA community is more at

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